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Silk screen printing

Workshop lecturers are: Sergej Vutuc (Balkans) and Joanna Peresito (Fra) Sign up at:



Workshop lectures are: Lazar Geogriev(Bul), Aleksa Vitorovic(Srb) and Prvns(Srb). Sign up at:


Skate film

The goal of the film workshop is to bring the process of making a skate film closer by analyzing video projects, lecturing, and recording tricks on the street. The workshop will last from the very beginning of the festival until its end. During the festival, the lecturers will monitor and guide the participants through the filming, and after the festival, the recorded materials will be edited together. The resulting video will premiere two weeks later, at the Vladimir Skate Film Festival in Fazana. The lecturers of the workshop are Tomaž Šantel (Slo), a guy who has a number of successful skate video projects behind him that have had a strong impact in the Balkans and beyond; Raul Žgomba (Hr) - a passionate lover of mini DV cameras which will be used for the film workshop of the Non-Aligned Summit. Sign up at:

DIY (Do It Yourself)

The DIY workshop aims to educate participants about the tools, materials, and techniques used for making concrete elements for skateboarding through theoretical and practical interactive instructions. The workshop will take place on Friday, September 13, followed by a screening of the film "Ye olde destruction", which was created in the spirit of DIY. The leaders of this workshop are the guys from the Boldrider team (Postojna, Slo) who carry with them the construction experience gained in the last ten years.

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The Non-Aligned Summit is a gathering of skaters, artists, masons, and musicians. It is a summit where you will pass on the absorbed energy and thus encourage yourself as well as others to do what you really love.

In addition to “street” rides, which are the initial driver for the festival, this year’s program is designed in the form of film screenings, photo exhibitions, DIY and filming workshops. The festival is designed so that, for the first time in Serbia, the most current and most important art projects of skaters around the world are presented. The primary idea that includes these four days is to transfer knowledge and experience from each segment of skate culture to proletarians for whom skating is an unavoidable part of everyday life, but also to present this subculture to those who meet it for the first time.