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Malmö – Jugga Stanković

IБЛЯН – Vitoša Skateboards

Zglajzing the Balkans – Dražen Livazović

OriginalCopy no.10: Pannonian Romance

 I don’t get paid nothing I do it cause I like it – Bungalow 

APPARAT2 – Jonas Strecke


Na zapadu ništa novo – Veliko Balabanov / Bulgaria  

Nevolja – Zub / Croatia  

Cvat na poluostvru Histria – PRVNS 

Zmer isto, Obsession –  Mitja Legat / Slovenia  

New Doors Have Opened  – Ben Gore / US 


Funk The System! – Funkyscrew

Vid na život – Amensia skateshop

Shit pie – Hana Piščević i Nebojša Resanović

What did you expect? – Bungalow


Prosperitet na cesti v Gameljne – Srđan Jeremic & David Soda (Serbia)


Indian Express – Patrick Wallner 

Calentar – Provins / Zvezdarska šuma

When we used to skate – Zoran Mihajlović

Youth of yesterday – Rene Olivo / Kvaka 22


Ye olde Destruction – Thomas Campbell 

Tankstelle – Sergej Vutuc


Samit logo add

The Non-Aligned Summit is a gathering of skaters, artists, masons, and musicians. It is a summit where you will pass on the absorbed energy and thus encourage yourself as well as others to do what you really love.

In addition to “street” rides, which are the initial driver for the festival, this year’s program is designed in the form of film screenings, photo exhibitions, DIY and filming workshops. The festival is designed so that, for the first time in Serbia, the most current and most important art projects of skaters around the world are presented. The primary idea that includes these four days is to transfer knowledge and experience from each segment of skate culture to proletarians for whom skating is an unavoidable part of everyday life, but also to present this subculture to those who meet it for the first time.